scott fitsimones


i'm scott, a startup founder in san francisco

i started building iphone apps in my spare time to avoid doing my music school's homework. i attended Apple's wwdc, where i watched the weeknd debut "i can't feel my face" for technocrati who were confused at what it meant. i write about cities, crypto, and mechanism design. i believe in building things you want to exist and writing about the things you want to change.

what i'm up to

building better cities @ AirGarage

putting land on chain @ CityDAO


• long term thinking and delayed gratification

• data and mechanism design but with compassion

• persistence and patience are underrated

talk to me about

• urbanism, housing, and transit

• ethereum and putting real world assets on chain

• the ownership economy - the next generation of products being user owned

• your startup, ambitious project, or crazy ideas

• music production

hot takes

• zoning should be unconstitutional - zoning laws create unsustainable urban sprawl and make housing scarce and expensive.

• modest inflation is good for the economy and helps redistribute wealth and encourage investment

• can't publish the reset on the internet, but maybe i'll tell you if we become friends - reach out on twitter DMs @scottfits