scott fitsimones

Best DAOs to Join for 2023

Here is a living list of DAOs you can start contributing to now.

This was inspired by a friend asking me which DAOs to contribute to. Every DAO list I could find on the internet seemed to just be financial protocols not looking for contributors, centralized companies that are not actually DAOs, or mention defunct DAOs like ConstitutionDAO or The DAO.

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Decentralized - no one owns more than 5% of tokens
  • Accessible to join and start contributing
  • Not just a company LARPing as a DAO for hype or a DeFi protocol that let a DAO govern a few params


A city-building DAO that governs a real piece of land in Wyoming together. (Disclaimer: I started CityDAO). As a DAO member, you can vote on what gets built on Parcel 0, our first piece of land, and the DAO’s next property acquisition. You can also join guilds like real estate, dev, and legal and help decide the future of the DAO.


A DAO that is aspiring to buy and manage an NBA team together. DAO members can vote on DAO activities and help strategize how to buy a team.


A decentralized way to fund longevity research! As a member, you can review projects and vote on which to fund.


A group of lawyers and law-curious folks building legal products that blockchain projects can use in place of expensive law firms.


For engineers looking to build projects together.


A collective of designers & developers working on crypto protocols and earning equity together.


A DAO trying to go to space by crowdfunding seats on a rocket.


A DAO that evaluates proposals from web3 projects and decides which ones to fund


Seed Club invests in crypto protocols and provides them mentorship, thought leadership and programming.


Bankless DAO is a decentralized community educating and onboarding folks into crypto with the goal of expanding access to financial services and helping folks go “bankless”


A community of web3 creators that hosts residencies for DAOs and creators.


A social club that plans events, makes content, and builds community.


A DAO trying to buy a newspaper and re-invent media together.

Index Coop

A DAO that builds financial products together.


DAOs that seem interesting but that I haven’t conducted any diligence on and may not meet the criteria above:

LinksDAO - Trying to buy a golf course

FriesDAO - Buying fast food franchises

ArchiDAO - For Architects

EarthFund - Funding climate causes